Image may contain: possible text that says 'Rules for being human handed down from ancient Sanskrit 1. You receive a body 2. You will learn lessons 3. There mistakes, only lessons 4. A lesson will be repeated until it is learned 5. Learning lessons does end 6. 'There' is no better than 'here' 7. Others are merely mirrors of you What make life is up to you Life is exactly what you think 10. Your answers lie inside you 11. You will forget all this 12. You can remember it whenever you want'

About Us

“I’ve chosen a better path, not a perfect one; for no path is perfect.”

Lessons from ancient Sanskrit:

  1. You receive a body.
  2. You will learn lessons.
  3. There are no mistakes, only lessons.
  4. A lesson will be repeated until it is learned.
  5. Learning lessons does not end.
  6. “There” is no better than “here”.
  7. Others are merely mirrors of you.
  8. What you make of life is up to you.
  9. Life is exactly what you think.
  10. Your answers lie inside you.
  11. You will forget all of this.
  12. You can remember it whenever you want.

Hyperboreanism; the Earth Religion: An earth-centric polytheistic (NOT Neo-Pagan) movement which hearkens back to the primordial Euro-Mediterranean religious systems. Hyperboreanism is open to all races, treating the sexes equally, and open to all who call themselves polytheists (Pagans) and who reject monotheism and atheism in all of their forms, who are also willing to hold to its standard of ethics and essentials listed below. It includes a Sacred Mystery of nine separate initiations into which one may be inducted, if desired. It is a pathway which necessarily incorporates many deities, both male and female, which is earth-centered and emphasizes the maintenance of the natural and spiritual cycles of life toward the goal of perfection of the soul via successive rebirths (reincarnations) into this world, having ultimate union with the blessed deities, or the “All Knowledge”, as a destination. It, therefore, necessarily focuses on Mother Earth, but does not negate other deities by so doing. Right practice (earthopraxy) and enlightenment, usually via Sacred Mysteries, being essential to this process.

It can be called earth-centered Greco-Roman polytheism with Egyptian and Norse (and a little Near Eastern) additions. It teaches a complete break away from monotheism (and atheism). Syncretism of the various deities is practiced because the ancients did it and no legitimate deity should be neglected. It is earth-centered because, in reality, our ancient Western religions all were, although this is rarely recognized in the way it should be. They all also taught reincarnation and a process of enlightenment via generations of rebirths, which would ultimately free the soul from reincarnation to dwell with the “All Knowledge”. But that takes a long time. The ancients practiced initiations into mysteries to help accomplish enlightenment for the individual. Thus, initiations are also a part of our system, Hyperboreanism, named after the ancient Hyperboreans that the Greeks wrote about. It sounds on the surface to be Neo-Pagan, but it isn’t because it is based on ancient formulas and writings, such as those of Platon, for example. Frankly, religion itself is in a serious need of radical revamping. That’s why there is Hyperboreanism. For all practical purposes, the ancient polytheistic, earth-centered religious systems of the Western world have been back-engineered to bring this into being.

Our Understandings

Hyperboreanism is a religious movement that works toward understanding and participation in the most ancient and primordial indigenous religious experience of our ancient Euro-Mediterranean ancestors. It is NOT to be mistaken as, or misconstrued as, having anything whatsoever to do with any fascist, racist or supremacist belief system or ideology of any type whatsoever, including those with similar names (which they have misappropriated). Rather this movement is so named because it reaches back to the most basic belief system(s) that scholarly study can reasonably postulate were, or may have been, held and maintained by our most ancient forebears, specifically, but not limited to, the ancient Hyperboreans of Greco-Roman literature. That some see these ancient peoples as mythical is inconsequential for us because we are not to be concerned with what outsiders think on this matter. Nor are we to be concerned with what any outsider may think of our religious system, beliefs or practices. Effectively, Hyperboreanism is meant to be a regeneration of the most ancient Western religious systems, as far as is known, in modern terms.

Finally, if you have not reached the point at which you can say, with conviction, “There is no god”, then you have not reached true enlightenment. If you can do so, and understand this, then you have. This may seem contradictory at first glance, but it is really the means by which the soul may be freed from monotheistic and atheistic dominance.

Hyperboreanism is a Mystery Religion, on a par with, but not identical to, the ancient Sacred Mystery religions of ancient times. Although it reaches back to the primordial, it incorporates some more modern elements, as needed, for functionality. It incorporates within itself nine levels of initiations which are to be performed in secret and kept secret from the outsider. Also, only the mature will be allowed to be initiated. Our basic tenets, however, which will be provided here, are permissible for public consumption. 
Hyperboreanism seeks to regenerate the primordial Pagan belief system(s) and practices of the Euro-Mediterranean world to the extent possible while allowing for all Pagan expressions of individuality in worship and understanding. It rejects the chaos and degeneration of the modern monotheistic world. It promotes environmentalism and coexistence. Its ethics are derived from, and based on, philosophy and science, not blind faith in some established dogma or on any book. While accepting the monotheists as brothers and sisters, their doctrines and beliefs are rejected as generally false and harmful. Thus, while living among others within the greater overall society, a rejection of new and historically unprecedented societal norms and “political correctness” is also deemed essential. Because of this, Hyperboreanism, by nature, also rejects the Christian evangelical dominionist movement, which is seen as very dangerous to the USA, and to the world. The mixing of religion and politics in the way that this movement espouses is an unprecedented breach of all that the founders of the USA stood for in creating the unique nation of the United States of America.

While benefiting from and utilizing modern technology, a rejection of the unstable trajectory of overall society is important. Hyperboreans strive to mirror the ancient formula in a modern, up-to-date, way.
Most importantly, the destruction of the earth and her finite resources cannot be condoned. This must be countered with the advancement of better ways and methods of obtaining resources and creating technologies therefrom. Finally, the ultimate salvation of the human race through space exploration and colonization must eventually be achieved. This could make Hyperboreanism the ultimate Pagan religion; a religion for the stars!

What We Offer

We offer a religion without unnecessary mental anguish so that one can retain a healthy personality as well as basic human dignity. We offer a religion without the burden of worry over sin and punishment in an eternal hell. We offer something that the others don’t offer; salvation (in the form of enlightenment) without unnecessary guilt over supposed sins and transgressions, or the fear that one might not “believe” correctly. It is, simply put, religion without the gross superstition found in most others.
The guilt-trip is over! We work for a better world, not the end of it! When the monotheist religions, especially Christianity, are someday in the trash heap of history because they proclaimed the end of the world and it didn’t happen, you and your descendants shall find comfort in this alternative.
A religion is meant to help, not to harm; to build, not to destroy! We offer a religion not based on corrupt and damaging theology which insists that you must believe or be damned. We don’t place belief before reason, logic, or science. We adhere to the scientific method in determining what is real and what is not. And belief never supersedes right conduct!
The guilt-trip is over! If you seek release from the dread of the monotheistic religions, or the senseless hatred of the atheists, but have felt that you had no place to go, you are welcome here.
If you have tried to follow the monotheistic faiths, or have been an atheist, but still found your beliefs and understanding demonized by others within that faith, then you already know you have been in the wrong place all along. Even worse, if you have found your political beliefs assailed in the name of some god and you have been called an “enemy”, or “inspired by Satan” because of this, you have definitely been in the wrong place! There is no room for political or religious dogma (or any combination thereof) among us. Our individual political beliefs have nothing to do with religion, and vice-versa. We all have our own private beliefs in both venues, but no one among us is such an authority, nor can be such an authority, so that they can dictate another’s.
You may ask, “What of God”? We have many gods and goddesses and we understand that we should be serious about their worship. Well, then, “What of creation”? We don’t need a creator (any more than a creator needs us), and our very Earth herself is seen as creatrix. Well, “What of the end of the world”? There will be no end just as there was no beginning, for time itself is repetitive and everlasting. Well, “What of hell”? NO GOD WOULD CREATE SUCH A PLACE! Well, “What of salvation”? Reincarnation cleanses our souls. Each time we are born and reborn we are new and perfect; we are renewed. It is up to us to live ethical lives so that our state may be better the next time and so that we may eventually exit the eternal wheel, as Nietzsche called it.
Should you choose to join us, you are not becoming a part of a religion with degenerate morals, as some will try to convince you that you are, for reincarnation simply does not work well for those who live degenerate, unethical lives. Neither do you have to worry about a loving god who might condemn you to an eternal hell of his own making after just one short lifetime! After all, how fair can a god be who does not provide all with equal opportunity from the time of birth along with an equal number of years within that one lifetime to achieve the enlightenment (or come to believe, as it were) which would lead to salvation? No, there will be none of that sort of unfairness here, although we all know that life itself can be very unfair.
We offer commitment to the ancient Western (mainly Greco-Roman) ideals. We don’t let religious beliefs or dogma cloud this. In fact, we offer total and complete release from the tired, flawed, monotheistic dogma that you were likely brought up into.
We offer discovery of the ancient understanding of things – that which your most distant ancestors understood and embraced. We offer freedom from the end times scenario and the damaging psychology associated with it.
We offer clear, rational, logical understanding based on reason, the scientific method, and philosophical inquiry rather than dogma and doctrine. We offer real human-driven (not god-driven or book-driven) ethics and morals.
When the end-times scenarios of the monotheists all fail to materialize, we offer an alternative of reality, but hope to have you join us beforehand. We offer multiple paths (via the Sacred Mystery initiations) to exactly that one thing that the monotheist always claims to have a total monopoly on – enlightenment and salvation.
We don’t offer ethical nonsense! We don’t claim to be the only way or even that there is an only way. We don’t offer an “us vs. them” scenario. And we don’t offer escape from the end of the world by way of some resurrection or rapture or return of a savior!
We offer a sense of community so that one does not have to be solitary and hidden anymore. Last of all, we do not want one to feel that, if one joins us and leaves us later, that one has done some wrong to us. In such a scenario, no wrong has been done to us, nor to any deity. One’s “salvation” will not be affected by this. 
All mature members of Hyperboreanism will be allowed, and even encouraged, to proceed with the nine initiations of the Sacred Mysteries of Hyperboreanism as part of their experience with us. Details to be provided to each member at appropriate time and place. Once initiations are complete they will be considered members of “The Kornukopian Society”.

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