Hyperboreanism in More Detail

Hyperboreanism is a religious movement that works toward the understanding of, and participation in, the most ancient and primordial indigenous religious experience of our ancient Euro-Mediterranean ancestors. It is NOT Neo-Pagan, and is also NOT to be mistaken as, or misconstrued as, having anything whatsoever to do with any racist or supremacist belief system or ideology of any type whatsoever. Rather this movement is so named because it reaches back to the most basic belief system(s) that scholarly study can reasonably postulate were, or may have been, held and maintained by our most ancient forebears, specifically, but not limited to, the ancient Hyperboreans of Greco-Roman literature. That some see these ancient peoples as mythical is inconsequential for us because we are not concerned with what outsiders think on this matter. Nor are we concerned with what any outsider may think of our religious system, beliefs, or practices.
Hyperboreanism neither is, nor will ever be, a political entity or effort. It will never become some political entity or constituency (like evangelicals) that politicians feel that they must pander to in some way in order to get enough votes to win. It neither is, nor has ever been, nor ever will be an entity that will push any overtly political agenda.
We as the Hyperborean religious organization do not and will not, ever, endorse or otherwise favor or disfavor publicly any political candidate for any political or other office whatsoever. We are NOT in the business of attempting to publicly influence others in this way. We are all individuals here and we may express our own individual beliefs on this matter as we wish. However, we will work to eventually become an endorsing agency for VA and military chaplains. As we grow and attain the level of respect necessary for this, it will become a necessary ingredient in our overall outreach and function.
Hyperboreanism, by nature, also rejects the Christian evangelical dominionist movement, which is seen as dangerous to the USA, and to the world. The mixing of religion and politics in the way that this movement espouses is an unprecedented breach of all that the founders of the USA stood for in creating the unique nation of the United States of America

Hyperboreanism is intended to establish within the initiate a complete and total separation between monotheism and polytheism. In this way, the participant is to be enabled to become a complete polytheist with no desire to reach back to monotheism anymore. Thus, while we do utilize Gnostic, Jewish and Christian texts, to some degree, for teaching purposes, we do so only as a means to impart the enlightenment needed to become a full Mystai. That said, we do NOT include Jesus or the monotheistic deity (by whatever name) in our “pantheon”, as it were. To do so would defeat the very purpose of Hyperboreanism – the separation necessary so that one can become a full Mystai.

Hyperboreanism is a Mystery Religion on a par with, but not identical to, the ancient religious Mystery systems of ancient times. Although it reaches back to the primordial, it incorporates some more modern elements, as needed, for functionality. It incorporates within itself nine levels of Sacred Mystery initiations which are to be performed in secret and kept secret from the outsider. Only the mature will be allowed to be initiated.

We do not discriminate based upon race, gender or even politics. In fact, we welcome all races, as well as both men and women. However, we do not invite, nor will we accept, the monotheist to take part because our ancient forebears were absolute polytheists regardless of less than scholarly efforts to paint their religious systems as evolving toward some form of monotheism. This is a polytheistic organization and religious movement, and the failure of Hellenization proves historically that no sort of amalgam of polytheism with monotheism can ultimately work. We do welcome polytheists of all types – Egyptian, Near Eastern, Greek, Roman, Keltic, Norse, Wicca – you name it, as long as it is something that our ancient polytheistic ancestors would have found to be valid. There is even room for some esoteric views here although Hyperboreanism, as such, is clearly not, nor is it meant to be, esoteric itself.

We are not a proselytizing agency or organization. Our growth, therefore, will be deliberate, selective, and slow (perhaps painfully slow for some). But this method will create a more coherent, stable and loyal membership. In the end, freely enter and, if desired, freely leave (if at any time the organization does not suit your needs). There is to be no stigma attached to leaving so long as the individual was not someone who disrupted, or was otherwise harmful to, the organization. One is perfectly welcome to begin the initiation process and, if at a later time one decides one does not wish to proceed, to stop where one is.

Finally, Hyperboreanism is still in flux to some extent. So it can, and will, change, just like every religion before it has. I welcome input from initiates and also the graduates, who are to be called Mystai. And input is at least one key to growth, after all. So here we begin. Let us not falter.

An Ancient Religion and a New Phenomenon
Backed up by Rational Action:

The most important aspect of any true religion is that it must be rational. That means that not only must its tenets and beliefs be rational, but those tenets and beliefs must be backed up by rational action. If they are not, then they are rendered empty and meaningless. Words mean nothing, as do beliefs, without actions.
A person’s actions belie that person’s true beliefs. One is indeed free, according to the dictates of one’s own conscience, to believe anything one wishes to believe and to act accordingly, within reason. But one is not free to be dishonest about them. One must possess more than some ethical code. One must have a personal code of conduct.
Extremism is not rational and, therefore, logically, it is also by definition not ethical. Extremism allows the fanatic to claim that anything that they do is sanctioned by their god. But no god sanctions extremist acts in the name of religion. Anyone who states otherwise is false.
Hyperboreanism is that which existed in the primordial Euro-Mediterranean world. It has been re-created through a process of back-engineering the various indigenous polytheistic Euro-Mediterranean religions of ancient times. In this way an understanding of the core of these various religions has been brought out, the most important of which being the worship of Mother Earth and the need to maintain the cycles of life.

“Death and birth are the same thing, with only existence in between.” (Hekataios Pindaros Amerikos)


Hyperboreanism; the Earth Religion: An earth-centric polytheistic (NOT Neo-Pagan) movement which hearkens back to the primordial Euro-Mediterranean religious systems. Hyperboreanism is open to all races, treating the sexes equally, and open to all who call themselves polytheists and who reject monotheism in all of its forms who are also willing to hold to its standard of ethics and essentials listed below. It includes a Sacred Mystery of nine separate initiations into which one may be inducted if desired. It is a pathway which necessarily incorporates many deities, both male and female, which is earth-centered and emphasizes the maintenance of the natural and spiritual cycles of life toward the goal of perfection of the soul via successive rebirths (reincarnations) into this world, having ultimate union with the blessed deities as a destination. It, therefore, necessarily focuses on Mother Earth, but does not negate other deities by so doing. Right practice (earthopraxy) and enlightenment, usually via Sacred Mysteries, being essential to this process.
Hyperboreanism is a religious movement that works toward understanding and participation in the most ancient and primordial indigenous religious experience of our ancient Euro-Mediterranean ancestors. It is NOT to be mistaken as, or misconstrued as, having anything whatsoever to do with any fascist, racist or supremacist belief system or ideology of any type whatsoever, including those with similar names. Rather this movement is so named because it reaches back to the most basic belief system(s) that scholarly study can reasonably postulate were, or may have been, held and maintained by our most ancient forebears, specifically, but not limited to, the ancient Hyperboreans of Greco-Roman literature. That some see these ancient peoples as mythical is inconsequential for us because we are not to be concerned with what outsiders think on this matter. Nor are we to be concerned with what any outsider may think of our religious system, beliefs or practices.
Hyperboreanism is a Mystery Religion, on a par with, but not identical to, the ancient Sacred Mystery religions of ancient times. Although it reaches back to the primordial, it incorporates some more modern elements, as needed, for functionality. It incorporates within itself nine levels of initiations which are to be performed in secret and kept secret from the outsider. Also, only the mature will be allowed to be initiated. Our basic tenets, however, which will be provided here, are permissible for public consumption. 
Hyperboreanism seeks to regenerate the primordial Pagan belief system(s) and practices of the Euro-Mediterranean world to the extent possible while allowing for all Pagan expressions of individuality in worship and belief. It rejects the chaos and degeneration of the modern monotheistic world. It promotes environmentalism and coexistence. Its ethics are derived from and based on philosophy and science, not blind faith in some established dogma or on any book. While accepting the monotheists as brothers and sisters, their doctrines and beliefs are rejected as generally false and harmful. Thus, while living among others within the greater overall society, a rejection of new and historically unprecedented societal norms and “political correctness” is also deemed essential. While benefiting from and utilizing modern technology, a rejection of the unstable trajectory of overall society is important. Hyperboreans strive to mirror the ancient formula in a modern, up-to-date, way.
Most importantly, the destruction of the earth and her finite resources cannot be condoned. This must be countered with the advancement of better ways and methods of obtaining resources and creating technologies therefrom. Finally, the ultimate salvation of the human race through space exploration and colonization must eventually be achieved. This could make Hyperboreanism the ultimate Pagan religion; a religion for the stars!

Our Basic Tenets:

(1) Polytheism, not monotheism. No dualism (good vs. evil scenario). No trinity. The deities are like us, not remote and far away. Complete separation from monotheism is necessary so that the human soul can be freed from the shackles thereof.
(2) Mainly matriarchal. Goddesses predominate, Mother Earth most of all. The Earth is our Mother. Patriarchalism has done much damage upon the earth. We do not adhere to it.
(3) We reverence and invoke all deities not tied to monotheism. The khthonic deities can be reached either directly or through the intermediary medium of the Dodekatheon, otherwise known as the Olympians, as well as other non-khthonic deities, and understood through the Sacred Mysteries. All ancient Euro-Mediterranean deities can be synchronized into a working system, with each member worshipping a particular deity by whatever name seems most appropriate to them. But to worship only one, two, or three deities exclusively is to misunderstand polytheism. All are to be embraced, but it is not necessary to call upon all of them all of the time. none are more important than any other.
(4) Every deity is a deity of “the place”. Every particular place is imbued with a particular deity (a basic Roman concept). One should always invoke the deity of any given place, at least for protection.
(5) Images of the deities, such as statues, etc., allow us to feel their closeness. Our deities are not remote. yet, we do not worship images or things made by hands. We only worship the deity represented by the image. The monotheist makes a mistake by thinking otherwise, calling them “idols”.
(6) Sacred Marriage, exemplified by the deities in the myths, is the example for all societal tenets. Without marriage between man and woman, producing children, thus creating a family unit, society breaks down. This is the core understanding of the Ancient Sacred Mysteries, as is the continuation of the life-cycle. This does not, however, invalidate other types of family units, for all family units are meaningful for those who are a part and help make up a strong society. However, polygamy is absolutely rejected as a valid family system or unit and will not be tolerated at all. It is only within monotheism that polygamy is seen as valid in any way, shape, or form, and we absolutely reject it.
(7) Marriage is for sexual union. Sexual union is for procreation. Sex is good, not dirty. Augustine was wrong. Sex for pleasure is a good thing, so long as baseness and extremes are avoided.
(8) Procreation is the body’s immortality. When the body dies, it returns to the elements. The soul goes back from whence it came, either to be reincarnated/transmigrated, or to reward. Reward is union with the “All Knowledge”. This is “salvation”. And there is no forbidden knowledge!
(9) Family is good. Civilization is good. Education is good. Knowledge is good. Anarchy is not good.
(10) Death, life, reincarnation/rejuvenation or transmigration – this is the way of nature and the universe. Without death, there can be no continuation of life. Death is not an end, but a starting point of continuation.
(11) This cycle is only broken through heroism or extreme virtue. it doesn’t happen very often.
(12) Death is not bad or evil and is not the result of sin or some “original sin”. Death is nothing to fear. Neither is disease. Neither death nor disease nor cataclysmic events are punishments or judgments for sins. Death is only a continuation of life. 
(13) The human body is good, not corrupt. It is “corruptible”, not “corrupt”. Sex is good. Humanism is good. There is no “original sin” from which we must be “saved”.
(14) Spirit (soul) = Knowledge. It is that which exists eternally. This is the only thing about humans that is eternal and indestructible. It exists eternally because it cannot be destroyed and cannot die. The human body will return to the elements while the soul will return to the cycle of things.
(15) Bodily resurrection is anathema! It is against nature. There will be no rapture and no physical resurrection of the dead.
(16) Cremation is preferred over inhumation so that the soul can better separate from the deceased body and the body can more readily become a part of the elements again. We are part of the environment and exist in harmony with nature.
(17) Time is repetitive and cyclical (or spiral), NOT linear. There will be no “end of time”. There will be no apocalypse unless the monotheists cause it.
(18) Our religion is nature-based and earth-centered. It is darkly mysterious, but not evil and not “mystical”.
(19) This world is good, not evil. Matter is not evil. After all, the Hebrew god said so, didn’t he? It is in no need of regeneration and we are in no need of salvation from sin.
(20) Moral values originate from humans and human thought (us Pagans), not from some god. We follow morals and ethics because it is right, not out of fear of punishment.
(21) We are natural environmentalists. This is a primary moral value. Environmental pollution is sinful! Destruction of the environment and the wanton taking of the earth’s resources, often wasting the same, is extremely sinful!
(22) The universe is un-created. So is the earth. No infinite omni-being existed to create either. Therefore, there is no “creator” god.
(23) There is no omni-god. This is an impossibility.
(24) There are no eternally malevolent creatures; no devil(s) and no demons.
(25) Even the deities cannot go against nature because to do so is evil. They cannot transgress already set universal laws of physics, etc. No deity controls the weather, but deities may influence it to a certain extent. No deity sends earthquakes, plagues, or anything else as judgment upon human beings. No one is ever healed by “faith”. Everything that happens takes place according to natural earth cycles, period.
(26) The deities do not care for, nor seek, our worship, but will respond to certain acts and prayers and sacrifices when done correctly. Our deities do NOT “call” anyone to serve or represent them. But that does not mean that personal gnosis is irrelevant. Personal gnosis can be relevant, but only for the individual to whom it has been imparted. For anyone to go around saying “God(s) said”, insisting that all must follow, is totally anathema to us. As we have seen many times, those with personal gnosis can be wrong, doing harm instead of good. A deity may reveal him/her self to an individual if asked to do so by that individual. But said deity will not instruct said individual to go out into the world and “preach the gospel”. The worst thing ever said was, “God” or an angel revealed himself to me and said….
(27) Prayer accompanied with humane sacrifice is good because it works. Sacrifice can take the form of libations or even burning a candle or sage. There is no necessary formula to always be followed at all times. But, ostentation is not acceptable to the deities.
(28) There never was, nor is, any religious evolution toward monotheism. In fact, monotheism is a devolution. Monotheism is degenerate and unwelcome here. It is the main thing that will not be tolerated here.
(29) Coexistence of beliefs is important. But freedom of conscience and a rejection of overall society is seen as an existential human right. We follow the dictates of our conscience and see this as a human right. This means that one cannot dictate one’s own religious understanding upon another.
(30) We do not proselytize. We may invite.
(31) Religion and politics must always remain separate. One must never allow religious understanding to dictate how one acts politically, and vice-versa. We do not claim that ethics came from our religion, for they did not. Ethics are a human invention. But, to live ethically is to please the deities. We do not adhere to “beliefs”, but to understanding. Religious “beliefs” can easily become base and dogmatic.
(32) We are NOT a church and do not wish to be referred to as such! To be referred to as a “church” would be insulting, except when it is used as a necessary legal term.
(33) Being correct is more important than being right. Understanding, which leads to the enlightenment of the soul, is our goal.
(35) Religion never justifies war. War is never justified by religion.
(36) Some people justify their actions by their religion (or their “God”). This is a misuse of religion. Instead, one should justify one’s religion through one’s deeds and beliefs. Thus, one would justify oneself by one’s actions.
(37) There is sacred fire. There is no hell. There is no eternal damnation. Fire is regenerative, not destructive.
(38) We are “people of the place” while monotheists are “people of the book”. And, we have no “holy city”, for all the earth, and indeed the whole universe, are holy.
(39) No dogma such as dress codes, etc. No dietary laws, restrictions. No special weekly or monthly day of rest or worship. But some “holydays” as an individual deems appropriate. None are mandated for all. One practices according to one’s own conscience and one’s own understanding.
(40) There are no such things as miracles or exorcisms. So-called “demon possession” is simply mental illness. There is a spiritual realm, but the deities do not dwell in it to the exclusion of reality here. We, too, must not try to dwell in the spiritual realm to the exclusion of the natural, for why were we created to dwell in the natural, only to choose otherwise?
(41) Belief is superseded by knowledge and understanding. Never should understanding be placed beneath mere belief.
(42) If it is not in line with nature, it didn’t happen and can’t happen.
(43) If it ever happened; it has happened more than once and will likely happen again.
(44) Science and nature are always in agreement; religion should always agree with both.
(45) There is no supernatural realm, but there is a spiritual realm. All things are natural, whether recognized as such or not. Nothing can exist beyond the natural.
(46) Psychology is real. Demonic forces and demon-possession are not real, but are simply psychological illnesses.
(47) It is a natural law that good does not always come to the good. Neither does evil always come to the evil. Life is often unfair. The good often receive evil and the evil often receive good. The biblical mantra “What a man sews, that shall he also reap” is patently false and absurd, as any farmer can tell you. One may receive less, or one may receive more. It depends on nature, not what one believes or understands.
(48) There is no “creator” god. Therefore, no deity can change or manipulate nature in an unnatural fashion. Evolution makes more sense than creationism, even if we don’t have all the facts of how it took place.
(49) Maintenance of the natural order is paramount. no “creator” god, if there was one, would destroy it because of the frailties of humankind. And he would not seek to destroy humanity either, since humanity is a part of all that had been created.
(50) Natural cycles must be respected.
(51) To change or alter natural cycles for no good reason is sinful.
(52) Religion must not be weighed down by beliefs and laws. Gross or base superstition is to be avoided at all times. To believe something simply for the sake of believing it, or because some book said so, is anathema to us.
(53) Religious dogma is unprofitable. So is endless speculation.
(54) Excessive religious expectations are pollution to the soul.
(55) Excessive religious restrictions are pollution to the soul.
(56) Religious belief/dogma must never supersede science.
(57) Raping the earth of her precious resources is not progress. It is sinful!
(58) If you treat the earth well, you will also treat your fellow human beings and animals well.
(59) If our deities are not at other planets, deities like them will be. This is the order of nature and the universe.
(60) We are mandated as a necessity for the survival of the human race to explore and eventually colonize other planets.

What We Offer:

We offer a religion without unnecessary mental anguish so that one can retain a healthy personality as well as basic human dignity. We offer a religion without the burden of worry over sin and punishment in an eternal hell. We offer something that the others don’t offer; salvation (in the form of enlightenment) without unnecessary guilt over supposed sins and transgressions. It is, simply put, religion without the gross superstition found in most others.
The guilt-trip is over! We work for a better world, not the end of it! When the monotheist religions, especially Christianity, are someday in the trash heap of history because they proclaimed the end of the world and it didn’t happen, you and your descendants shall find comfort in this alternative.
A religion is meant to help, not to harm; to build, not to destroy! We offer a religion not based on corrupt and damaging theology which insists that you must believe or be damned. We don’t place belief before reason, logic, or science. We adhere to the scientific method in determining what is real and what is not. And belief never supersedes right conduct!
The guilt-trip is over! If you seek release from the dread of the monotheistic religions, but have felt that you had no place to go, you are welcome here.
If you have tried to follow the monotheistic faiths but still found your beliefs and understanding demonized by others within that faith, then you already know you have been in the wrong place all along. Even worse, if you have found your political beliefs assailed in the name of some god and you have been called an “enemy” because of this, you have definitely been in the wrong place! There is no room for political or religious dogma (or any combination thereof) among us. Our individual political beliefs have nothing to do with religion, and vice-versa. We all have our own private beliefs in both venues, but no one among us is such an authority, nor can be such an authority, so that they can dictate another’s.
You may ask, “What of God”? We have many gods and goddesses. Well, then, “What of creation”? We don’t need a creator (any more than a creator needs us) and our very Earth herself is seen as Creatrix. Well, “What of the end of the world”? There will be no end just as there was no beginning, for time itself is repetitive and everlasting. Well, “What of hell”? NO GOD WOULD CREATE SUCH A PLACE! Well, “What of salvation”? Reincarnation cleanses our souls. Each time we are born and reborn we are new and perfect; we are renewed. It is up to us to live ethical lives so that our state may be better the next time and so that we may eventually exit the eternal wheel.
Should you choose to join us, you are not becoming a part of a religion with degenerate morals, as some will try to convince you that you are, for reincarnation simply does not work well for those who live degenerate lives. Neither do you have to worry about a loving god who might condemn you to an eternal hell of his own making after just one short lifetime! After all, how fair can a god be who does not provide all with equal opportunity from the time of birth along with an equal number of years within that one lifetime to achieve the enlightenment (or come to believe, as it were) which would lead to salvation? No, there will be none of that sort of unfairness here, although we all know that life itself can be very unfair.
We offer commitment to the ancient Western (mainly Greco-Roman) ideals. We don’t let religious beliefs or dogma cloud this. In fact, we offer total and complete release from the tired, flawed, monotheistic dogma that you were likely brought up into.
We offer discovery of the ancient understanding of things – that which your most distant ancestors understood and embraced. We offer freedom from the end times scenario and the damaging psychology associated with it.
We offer clear, rational, logical understanding based on reason, the scientific method, and philosophical inquiry rather than dogma and doctrine. We offer real human-driven (not god-driven or book-driven) ethics and morals.
When the end-times scenarios of the monotheists all fail to materialize, we offer an alternative of reality, but hope to have you join us beforehand. We offer multiple paths (via the Sacred Mystery initiations) to exactly that one thing that the monotheist always claims to have a total monopoly on – enlightenment and salvation.
We don’t offer ethical nonsense! We don’t claim to be the only way or even that there is an only way. We don’t offer an “us vs. them” scenario. And we don’t offer escape from the end of the world by way of some resurrection or rapture or return of a savior!
We offer a sense of community so that one does not have to be solitary and hidden anymore. Last of all, we do not want one to feel that, if one joins us and leaves us later, that one has done some wrong to us. In such a scenario, no wrong has been done to us nor to any deity. One’s “salvation” will not be affected by this. 
All mature members of Hyperboreanism will be allowed, and even encouraged, to proceed with the nine initiations of the Sacred Mysteries of Hyperboreanism as part of their experience with us. Details to be provided to each member at appropriate time and place. Once initiations are complete they will be considered members of “The Kornukopian Society”.

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