It’s About Mother Nature, Not Your “God”

I was thinking of writing something like this, but had not decided just how to word it. But, the fact of the matter is that this makes way more sense than the evangelical mantra, popularized by televangelists, that somehow “God” is “shaking us (as Jim Bakker keeps saying), trying to get our attention, at best, or, at worst, punishing us for our sins of abortion and homosexuality. That mantra is absolutely bankrupt of any sound theological foundation because it relies on ancient texts that focus solely on ancient Israel, and NOT us. And this is nature, no matter what anyone thinks. But, nature herself is no “trying to tell us something”, or anything like that. She may well be reacting to us, finally, since we are, effectively, a virus where she is concerned. After all, what good do we, as a species, really do for her, for the planet? Nothing, is the answer. All we really do is exploit and destroy, with very limited attempts at conservation and preservation. Yes, she may well be reacting to us, but it is not for any supposed sins other than, perhaps, rape of our Mother. And, that is why it is indiscriminate. The virus takes the good, and the bad; the rich, and the poor; the black and the white. As they say, “death is no respecter of persons”. The solution, then, is not prayer, repentance from sins, more Bible reading, more church attendance, or anything like that. It is a fundamental transformation of how we interact with our own planet – with our own Mother. For if we have a creator, it is She.

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